HPX V1.0-rc1 Available!

After nine years of development HPX version 1.0.0 is being prepared to ship! The STE||AR Group is exited to share this news, and therefore, has prepared a release candidate for users to discover the improvements that have been made since the last release. We encourage established users and new comers to test it out. You can download a tarball of the release candidate here:

  • HPX V1.0.0-rc1:
    File MD5 Hash
    zip (5.7M) 5c2cb8a2901eee28b7bb4ca4b21997b1
    gz (3.8M) 8e8aab3ab745f14ffb9937efc3d0be12
    bz2 (3.3M) 5a649972699bbf4bdeb81ec0f2ae40ee
    7z (2.8M) f580b67dd668fecf5e630505398714c9

or check out the tag ‘1.0.0-rc1’ from the repository here and verify whether your code builds and runs fine when using this version.

We look forward to your comments and feedback!

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