HPX 1.9.0 Released

We have released HPX 1.9.0 — a major update to our C++ Standard Library for Concurrency and Parallelism. The HPX parallel algorithms now have been fully adapted to C++23, all existing facilities have been adjusted to conform to this version of the Standard as well. We now can proudly announce full conformance to the C++23 concurrency and parallelism facilities. HPX supports all of the parallel algorithms as specified by C++23. We have been able to significantly improve the performance of some of our algorithms. On top of that we support parallel versions of all range-based algorithms and have added more support for explicit vectorization to our algorithms (using std::experimental::simd). Even more work has been done towards implementing P2300 (std::execution) and keeping the underlying senders/receivers facilities in line with the evolving standardization efforts. We have done a lot of refactoring to improve the consistency of our exposed APIs. Last but not least, we have continued to improve our documentation, please have a look here.

You can download the release from our releases page or check out the v1.9.0 tag using git. A full list of changes can be found in the release notes.

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