Shaping a Scalable Future

Today’s application developers are faced with the harsh reality that the conventional methods of parallel execution are up against the wall.  Hardware development is beginning to slow, and the free lunch is almost over.  In this climate, it is more important now than ever to rethink our traditional approaches to parallel computation.  New solutions must be developed with the scalability of applications being central to their design.

The STE||AR Group is an international team of researchers who understand that a new approach to parallel computation is needed.  Our work is crafted around the idea that we need to invent new ways to more efficiently use the resources that we have and use the knowledge that we gain to help guide the creation of the machines of tomorrow.  This organization aims to support, coordinate, and distribute research done in this area by creating a marketplace of ideas where concepts are debated and solutions are transparently developed.  On this website, we would like to present the latest updates, the software being developed, and the people and institutions driving our research.  If you are interested in our work and wish to get involved or just curious about something you found on our site please contact us via email at or find us in the #ste||ar chat room on Freenode.  We would love to hear from you!