This page lists papers, blogs, and social media posts mentioning the STE||AR Group and our work.

Conference Publications

  • Blair Archibald, Patrick Maier, Robert Stewart, Phil Trinder, and Jan De Beule. “Towards Generic Scalable Parallel Combinatorial Search.” In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Parallel Symbolic Computation (PASCO 2017). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 6, 10 pages. DOI:

Blog Post

  • Ivan Čukić. “C++17 and parallel algorithms in STL – setting up.” In a personal blog. March 29, 2018. post
  • Sergey Ignatchenko. “Using Parallel <algorithm> Without a Clue: 90x Performance Loss Instead of 8x Gain.” In IT Hare. March 27, 2018. post
  • Björn Bohn. “Die jungen Wilden: Googles Summer of Code.” Heise Developer. March 2, 2018. post
  • Bartlomiej Filipek. “C++17 in details: Parallel Algorithms.” In Bartek’s coding blog a personal blog. August 21, 2017. post
  • Rainer Grimm. “C++17: New Parallel Algorithms of the Standard Template Library.” In Modernes C++ a personal blog. May 8, 2017. post
  • Julia Schmidt. “Parallelisierung: HPX erreicht erstes Major Release.” Heise Developer. April 25, 2017. post
  • Harris Brakmić. “High Performance Computing with HPX.” In Coding a personal blog. February 21, 2016. post

Social Media

  • “Well written, open-source project recommendations in modern C++.” posted on Reddit by by 4lex1v. April 13, 2018. post, screen shot
  • Rob Irving and Jason Turner. “Episode 144: News Roundup.” CppCast. April 5, 2018. post
  • Billy O’Neal. “Dear HPX: How?” Tweet at 10:37pm on June 28, 2017. post
  • Jon Kalb. “Paradigm Without a Name.” CppChat video posted on Jon Kalb’s YouTube channel. April 29, 2017. video