Welcome to the STE||AR Group’s New Site!

The STE||AR Group is an international collaboration of researchers who are committed to making applications scalable on today’s and tomorrow’s machines.  We want this website to provide a platform to support and promote our work.  Here you can find a community of researchers who are interested in sharing and building upon the best ideas in HPC.  We strongly believe that the best way to spread these ideas is to have them applied in real applications by an active user base.  The Libraries page provides links to software developed by our researchers for anyone to download and try out.  Please look at the library descriptions and see if any of this software applies to you!

In addition to providing demonstrations of our current work, we would like to also share and coordinate the direction of our group’s research.  We hope that by explicitly stating what we are currently working on and what we hope to work on we can entice internal and external collaboration. These collaborations are mutually beneficial as the pressure to fulfill new needs will improve everyone’s software.  Feel free to peruse our research interest on the Research page and see where you could fit into the mix.

Finally, we hope to use this site to distribute news and updates of the happenings of this group.  Please come back here to read about recent releases, publications, and conferences that  we are involved with.  If you are interested in our work or just have a few questions, please contact us at: fellows@stellar-group.org or visit our IRC channel #ste||ar on Freenode.  We would love to exchange our ideas with you!