GSoC 2020 – First Eval Status Update

In the first week of July, we completed the first evaluation of our Google Summer of Code program. We’ve collected brief summaries of work from each of our 5 students, as well as the pull requests that our students have produced. Check them out below:

  • Giannis Gonidelis – Adapt HPX range-based parallel algorithms in order to expose a range based interface according to latest Ranges
    • Pull requests
    • Working on adatpting the iterator-based algorithms in order to accept for a different type of begin() and end() iterator. This is an intermediate step in order to achieve the final goal to create as many range algorithms as possible. So the iterator-based ones shall work as a hidden layer which will expose the range functionality. Until past week, Giannis was working on these traits that needed to be implemented or adapted in order for them to be used on his first algorithm adaptation which is the for_each.hpp.
  • Weile Wei:  Concurrent Data structure Support
    • In the first month of our GSoC project on Concurrent Data Structure, we have initial HPX-threading support for hazard pointers in LibCDS library. On the HPX library side, we have created several hpx user-level thread-private data to support libcds, and on the LibCDS side, we have enabled threading backend from hpx threads. The following links demonstrate our work.
  • Mahesh Kale: Pip Package for Phylanx
    • In the first phase of our GSoC project, We have created a wheel package for Phylanx. The binary dependencies of the wheel, such as Boost, Blaze, HPX, etc., are glued inside the package following the bumpy directory structure. The wheel is self-contained and has no dependency on system libraries. It can be installed and imported on the Linux operating system and been tested thoroughly on Ubuntu.

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