C++ Summer Lecture Series

When people struggle with HPX, we often find that their confusion and frustration is rooted in a lack of understanding of modern C++. In order to address this issue, the STE||AR Group @ LSU is hosting a 2016 C++ summer lecture series. These sessions will cover advanced C++ techniques which are widely used in HPX libraries and applications such as the STL, SFINAE, and meta-template programming to name a few. These ninety minute talks will take place on Thursdays at 1:30pm central time and will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. If you are having some issues parsing through some of our code, these discussions might be a great place for you to start unraveling our library!

Suggestions for topics that you would like to have specifically covered can be sent to our mailing list: hpx-users@stellar.cct.lsu.edu

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