HPX V0.9.9 Available!

The STE||AR Group is proud to announce the availability of HPX V0.9.9! You can download the release version or checkout the latest version from Github. With 200 bug fixes and 1,500 commits, V0.9.9 introduces several improvements including:

  • Completing the refactoring of hpx::future to be properly C++11 standards conforming
  • Overhauling our build system to support newer CMake features to make it more robust and more portable
  • Implementing a large part of the parallel algorithms proposed by C++ Technical Specifications N4104, N4088, and N4107
  • Adding examples such as the 1D Stencil and the Matrix Transpose series
  • Remodeling our testing infrastructure which will allow us to quickly discover, diagnose, and fix bugs that arise during development

For more details about these changes please see the release notes here.

This is an exciting time of growth for the STE||AR Group. As HPX has become more robust we have begun to build higher level abstractions both in HPX and on top of it. These abstractions such as our work in parallel algorithms and libraries like LibGeoDecomp allow the strong scaling benefits of techniques like futurization to be even more user friendly and accessible. In addition to new ways of expressing parallelism, our group has also made impressive improvements in integrating different architectures into a single simulation. Libraries like HPXCL are exploring new ways of distributing work to GPUs and other accelerators. You can view our technology live at the LSU booth at the Supercomputing Conference 2014. See you there!


More and more people are beginning to recognize the potential of managing concurrency with C++. If exploring new ways to exploit parallelism interests you, check us out! Now has never been a better time to download HPX and become a pioneer of scalability. If you have any questions, comments, or exploits to report you can comment below, reach us on IRC (#stellar on Freenode), or email us at hpx-users@stellar.cct.lsu.edu.

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