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Depending on the level of service you sign up for, you can benefit from e.B discounts on repair costs, diagnostic fees, and priority service. One last important point: if you want a service contract, pay attention to it when choosing the company. We receive many complaints from consumers who purchase service contracts and find that technicians discover something to fix with each service visit – for an additional fee. Some contractors seem to use service contracts as opportunities twice a year to pressure customers for unnecessary repairs. HVAC maintenance contracts increase your technician`s ability to inform customers about home energy and air quality improvements or HVAC equipment replacement, resulting in increased revenue throughout the year. When Chris Hunter ran his own HVAC, plumbing and electrical business, he gave technicians selling HVAC maintenance contracts the initial rights to that customer and the residual revenue from ongoing contracts. Many contractors report that service contract software does not allow field service technicians to improve the customer experience or generate new revenue, with only 38% of respondents saying that technicians can access information about contractual terms such as custom requirements. An HVAC service contract generates revenue from annual maintenance visits, but the true value of HVAC maintenance contracts comes from the establishment of regular customers and the repairs and replacements of HVAC units sold during these annual or quarterly visits. If the customer has an aging air conditioner or stove, it`s best to inspect it at least twice a year for dangerous issues like a cracked heat exchanger and look for signs of impending failure. For customers whose equipment is still under warranty, you should explain that most of the equipment manufacturer`s warranties will only remain valid if they follow a qualified HVAC professional during annual maintenance inspections. With four different levels of home service and protection, there is definitely a plan to meet your needs. Please call for commercial prices.

If you want to enter into a service contract to insure yourself against expensive repair bills, check the price of a contract that offers this level of protection. And remember: the most expensive repairs – replacing compressors and heat exchangers – are not covered by most service contracts. Some companies swear by these contracts, arguing that they facilitate efficiency by allowing them to plan work when demand is low, to avoid paying overtime during peak periods and hiring excess staff to prepare for peak demand periods. Other companies say that contracts are little more than tricks that their competitors use to make extra profits at your expense. They insist that service contracts waste your money and a company`s time by encouraging unnecessary maintenance visits and emergency calls. There is some truth in both points of view. The right answer for you depends on your situation. A: You`re not the only one who feels the frustration of figuring out what a maintenance contract should include.

More than a decade ago, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, a trade association, realized that heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies used many different approaches to inspect and maintain equipment. As the association states on its website, “there was no way to determine whether the many types of `seasonal tune-ups`, `cleaning and controls` and `maintenance services` performed on HVAC equipment were equivalent.” The association has therefore developed checklists, including the minimum tasks that should be performed during a maintenance check. HVAC service contracts generally refer to scheduled maintenance which is recommended twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. This allows a licensed HVAC technician to inspect, maintain and maintain your air conditioning and heating before your equipment reaches its limits. Do not manually manage your HVAC membership contracts when the software can help you monitor, automate, execute, and store critical steps in the service contract process. Use a field service management tool with the following benefits: To compare the value offered by individual outfits, look at companies that cover pretty much the same items. Also check what companies do during maintenance visits – for example, do they clean air conditioning coils? And keep in mind that some companies may offer 24-hour service, while others are difficult to reach outside of normal business hours. A FULL LABOR contract covers all work necessary for repairs or replacements, as well as maintenance, but you are responsible for the parts.

An HVAC service contract that includes the total cost of labor costs more than a contract that only covers preventive maintenance. It`s important to create an HVAC maintenance contract template that`s easy to understand and use for your technicians and customers. Investing in the right service contract software can make the contracting process smoother and more foolproof. ServiceTitan Service Agreement software provides all of this and more, giving HVAC companies the opportunity to improve profitability while significantly reducing the labor required to maintain service contracts. HVAC maintenance contracts offer the opportunity to make regular customers feel special and give them access to discounts or exclusive offers. One way to do this is to call them a club membership instead of a CVC maintenance contract or service contract. Customers are naturally skeptical about signing an annual contract of any kind, especially if they are new to your business, so it`s important that you provide your technicians with the tools to quickly and easily sell the benefits of an HVAC maintenance contract and show them why your HVAC service contract is worth it. Track customer history. It is important to track and manage contracts while viewing a customer`s full service history with the company. You can customize contracts and customize service by knowing a customer`s specific vulnerabilities and important details about their HVAC equipment, such as .

B the age of an air conditioner or the likelihood that a replacement is required. When reviewing an HVAC maintenance contract, check if the services go beyond the basics, especially if you plan to do them yourself. Other services that the company should provide are: The contractual price differences are striking. For example, the cost of a level of coverage for a year ranged from less than $100 to more than $400 from the companies we purchased. Routine equipment inspections, included in an HVAC service contract, give your technicians the opportunity to identify a minor problem before it becomes a significant and costly problem. Annual or quarterly inspections give customers the option to budget in advance and prepare for the recommended replacement, rather than spending thousands of dollars unexpectedly if their stove suddenly dies. As any good HVAC professional knows, regular preventive maintenance saves energy and ensures that HVAC equipment is working optimally so that it lasts longer. Lack of HVAC maintenance can cost homeowners dearly by reducing efficiency by 5% or more, resulting in higher energy costs. Be sure to explain these risk-return benefits when selling an HVAC service contract to customers.


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