Compiling and Running Blazemark

By Shahrzad Shirzad

Blazemark is the benchmark suite for Blaze library. In order to compile and run Blazemark with HPX backend, take the following steps:

  1. Change the Configfile at blaze/blazemark by filling in the CXX=, CXXFLAGS=, LIBRARY_DIRECTIVES= fields in the Configfile:
    This is an example of the configurations used for Clang:
    # Compiler selection
    # Special compiler flags
    CXXFLAGS="-O3 -march=native -std=c++17 -stdlib=libc++ -DNDEBUG -fpermissive -DBLAZE_USE_HPX_THREADS -isystem /hpx/install/path/include -Wl,-wrap=main"
    # Library settings (optional)
    # In some cases it might be necessary to specify additional library paths and add additional
    # libraries. This can be done via this setting.
    LIBRARY_DIRECTIVES="-L/hpx/install/path/lib/ -lhpx -rdynamic /hpx/install/path/lib/libhpx_init.a -ldl -lrt -lhpx_wrap - L/boost/install/path/lib -lboost_system -lboost_program_options"
  2. ./configure Configfile
  3. make benchmark_name
  4. ./bin/benchmark_name


  • You can change vector or matrix sizes to run the benchmark on through the benchmark_name.prm file located at /blaze/blazemark/params folder.

For more information on available benchmarks, command line parameters, and also the list of supported libraries please visit Blazemark.

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